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An Hour Away


I’m somewhere near Surrey I think, stuck near the back on a Greyhound bus. The mood here is pretty dismal — most people are either sleeping or in some weird state of iPod euphoria. The scheduled arrival time, barring any major road hiccups, is around 12:10pm I think. The first order of business for me will be to store my luggage somewhere, most likely in a locker in the bus terminal. That’ll of course mean that I have to come back and get it later, but that’s way better than walking around with a suitcase all day. It’s no secret that I haven’t been a huge supporter of the Olympics games in Vancouver. Contrary to what people may think, I’ve never been opposed to the spirit of the games, or to any event that can bring people together. My only real opposition was in terms of the price tag for […]

The Opening Ceremonies


I have all my camera gear packed up, which for me, is quite a lot of stuff. I pulled my old laptop/camera-bag out of retirement, which means I can have the majority of my gear, as well as my laptop, all in the same bag. It is as convenient as it is heavy. I bought a ticket on the 10am Greyhound bus leaving Chilliwack for downtown Vancouver. I decided that having my car in the city wasn’t really a good idea with the games going on. Right now I’m just sipping a coffee, then I’m going to head down to the Greyhound and wait down there. I have a pile of work on my laptop, so I should be able to get some done while in transit. Tonight is of course the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. It’s hard to believe that nearly three years ago I had taken this […]