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Women Only Conferences


So, I gotta ask, and I’m probably going to get raked over the coals for doing so. I’m curious as to why there are so many technology events that focus exclusively on women? Some of them actually look pretty good, and I’m actually a bit disappointed that I can’t attend. In fact, some of the people I really look up to in the community are female, which makes it all the more disappointing that I’m excluded by nature from some conferences. And that’s really my question I guess — why can’t I attend some of these events? Obviously there are […]

Things That Make Me Happy


I was talking to Rebecca tonight about how easy it is to forget all the things in life that are important. Too often people focus on the negative things, and forget all the people and things in their lives that make them happy on a regular basis. So tonight I walked around my apartment taking photos of things that make me happy at home. I added them all to a Flickr set called Things That Make Me Happy. It’s a work in progress, and I’m adding a few old shots as well, including this one of me and some friends […]