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The Art of Haircuts


Why is it that hairdressers just can’t follow simple instructions? How does “just a little off the top” translate into “shave my head bald?” I just don’t get it. I’ve been trying to grow my hair a bit longer for like six months now, and yet whenever I go in to clean the sides up a bit, they always chop like a full inch off the top, even though they always promise not to. It doesn’t start that way either, which is what I don’t get. The hairdresser always says “yeah, don’t worry, I’ll just take a quarter inch off the top to clean up your ends.” And then, it all just goes to shit. Do this people just sit in boredom most of the day, waiting for some dumb sap to walk in so that they test out their latent skills on some guys head, or do I just […]