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Entry #24 – The Half Way Point


I took a quick 20 minute break from blogging, mainly to lay my head down on the couch here at Workspace at try to rest my brain. Compared to the noise levels nearly 12 hours ago, when Blogathon began, one might think that it’s basically over here. People are still blogging away (so much so that when I closed my eyes briefly all I heard was the tappity-tap-tap of fingers scurrying across keyboards), but I think at this point most people are rather exhausted. Most people probably think that writing entries every 30 minutes is fairly trivial. The truth is the opposite — it is extremely demanding, especially if you try to vary your content or stimulate your readership at all. It’s hard enough to write a blog entry or two a day, let alone 49 of them. If you also couple the generation of blog entries with photo taking […]