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A Quick Walk Tonight


I know I said I wouldn’t post again until after my surgery, but I took a few shots tonight, and liked this one the most. So enjoy. The countdown is officially on — I had that exciting call with the nurse today, and got the green light from Houston to go ahead with the launch. I find out tomorrow afternoon the exact time of my surgery, and will spend part of the day cleaning up and getting ready for it. Take care of the internet for me for a few days while I’m gone. Talk to you soon guys.

Rainy Evening


I’ve been messing around a bit more with photoshop in the evenings, and one day soon I’ll read the huge 1000 page book I have on it as well. Here’s something I was messing with a bit last night. It’s a shot from my patio looking easy towards Yaletown. The bridge is the Granville Street Bridge. The whole image involved work on about 5 different layers in photoshop. The rain was a bit trickier than I imagined, and it’s not entirely convincing, but it’s a good start.

Exposure Bracketing for HDR Images


I’ve been experimenting with high dynamic range (HDR) images for a few months now, and so far I really love the effect that you can get with photos. At least in my eyes, HDR images generally seem to look a bit more natural than a typical shot that doesn’t have a large dynamic range. Unfortunately, this whole field is more of an art than a science currently, so getting the perfect HDR shot is a bit of trial and error (and in a lot of cases, the end result isn’t always appealing). My tool of choice right now is undoubtedly Photomatix, and I use it almost exclusively when generating HDR shots. I’ve played around a bit with Photoshop CS2’s HDR generator, but to be honest, it’s really rather weak. One of the main difficulties in generating HDR shots is that they usually require a tripod. Since I rarely have a […]

Nighttime HDR From Vancouver


Did a quick HDR off my patio before bed. And before I drop off, here’s one more bit of info — my dad and step-mom are getting on a plane at 7am to spend a week near Cancun relaxing. They usually spend most vacations every year in the RV camping somewhere, and this is the first trip that they’ve taken to a far-away place (except of course when they came to visit me out in Ottawa). So, I hope they have a really awesome time down there. Also, Jari and Seppo should be stepping off a plane any time soon to spend the week up here in Vancouver. These are the two Finnish guys I got loaded with during my last trip, so I’m hoping to return the favour on this side of the world for them. It looks like the Canucks might even be in town for a game […]

Another Sunrise


Ok, I’m sure you’re all getting tired of them, so this will be the last one for a while. It’s a tad blurry (I hand held it, and since it was into the sun I couldn’t really keep good focus of what it was I was shooting at), but you get the idea.

HDR Photography


So there’s this buzz amongst photographers about this new technique called HDR (high dynamic range). The basic idea is that a camera isn’t capable of capturing nearly as much dynamic range as what our eyes can capture.? With HDR, you take multiple shots of the same scene using a digital camera on a tripod, and create a new photograph using the information from all the shots. That new image contains a much larger dynamic range than would be possible using any one shot. Here are some cool examples from flickr. I bought a new tripod and a remote shutter release for my 20D this weekend, so I might try to do a few of these this week.