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Duane's SARS Update


Good news is that I’m back home, awake, and compared to how I felt yesterday morning, doing relatively ok in terms of my lungs and joints. I’m still sick, and I have next to zero lung capacity, but I feel like I’ve stabilized at least. But here’s the bad news — I can hardly hear a thing out of my left ear. I was joking with Jason when I landed last night that my ears hurt so bad that I probably blew an ear drum while landing. At the time, I was having trouble hearing, and I thought I just needed to chew some gum and pop my ears. But, that was 12 hours ago and all I hear out of my left ear are muddled bass sounds. I quickly Googled and found the culprit most likely to be Airplane Ear: Airplane ear is caused by unequal pressure between your […]