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Heroes, 24, Lost


Now that I have cable again, I’ve been watching a bit more TV. Except for last night’s Heroes and 24, I’ve been keeping up with all three shows. Of them all, Lost is the only one that’s really keeping me interested. I think the whole concept of 24 has just gone on too long now. I thought season two was pretty awesome, mainly because it focused on character development. Now it’s more of an action flick. They had a good opportunity with that cute FBI agent, but they really haven’t used her to her full potential yet. I’m not sure why, but I find Heroes pretty boring these days. I guess because everyone and their dog has some super power now, it’s really hard to get worked up when anyone is in danger. I kind of miss the old days when Peter and Sylar were going at it more. What […]

Heroes Season 3 Trailer


My blog appears to be in some weird state of limbo right now, bouncing between the black and the white background, depending on where you are viewing it from. It’s rather strange, considering the TTL on my DNS entry is 30 minutes, so it shouldn’t take this long at all. Anyways, here is a trailer for season 3 or Heroes. I hope Peter keeps his shirt on for more of it. [easyvideo video=”http://widgets.nbc.com/o/4727a250e66f9723/4880d7a562043e39/487fdf8eae3c4deb/a695a3c6″]

Tush Lingerie Charity Fundraiser at Sanafir – Roberta Cheema


This Thursday, I’ll be photographing a charity fundraiser down at the Sanafir Restaurant & Lounge in Vancouver. The event is put on by local fashion designer Roberta Cheema from Tush, and will consist of swimwear and lingeree. Lingerie by Tush, photographed during Vancouver Fashion Week I’ve spent a bit of time hanging out and getting to know Roberta, and she’s really a dedicated person with a real passion for design. It’s what underneath that counts – hot spot’s upscale swimwear and undergarment fashion show fundraiser – February 7 Join host MC Musician and Funny Man Rick Baker at the sophisticated and imaginative Sanafir Restaurant & Lounge for a red-carpet evening of cocktails, canapés and a captivating fashion show. Four men and 12 women will walk the runway sporting the latest swimwear and undergarments featuring Fun Fantasy Tush wear by Roberta Lee Designs and designer Roberta Cheema. There are only 130 […]

Heroes Season Two Finale


WARNING – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you can’t have a show based on heroes that are near invincible. You just can’t. Heroes have to be flawed, or have some element that makes them weak, otherwise there’s really nothing for an audience to identify with. Peter is the prime example – he’s really unstoppable, and while I used to get excited seeing him onscreen, now he just takes up screen time, mostly with a bunch of whiny morality. The only person who can really challenge him is Sylar, and for whatever reason that left him without any power at all for *the entire season*. Not really a bright decision. And his girlfriend, now stuck in the future? Seriously dude, I don’t know much about chicks, but you should probably go and get her. I imagine by now she’s pretty pissed off, which […]

Heroes, Season Two


Well, it’s not very often I’ll write about TV shows, mainly because I don’t really watch a lot of TV. In an effort to get my expenses down a few months ago, I decided finally to pull the plug on cable, something that I haven’t regretted in the least. The only show I really watched last year was 24, and once that season ended, I just cancelled it all, saving myself $60 a month or whatever. A while ago, I went out and bought all of Heroes season one on HD-DVD. I thought it was a decent show, but there were a lot of characters I wasn’t interested in at all. The finale was pretty lame too, and I don’t think it really brought to light the potential that some of the characters had. Bring out season two. While there are multiple new character threads, I primarily find myself interested […]



Last night, out of sheer boredom, I drove down to Future Shop and picked up Season one of Heroes, on HD-DVD. Rebecca and John have been recommending this series to me, so I figured I would just go along with their word of mouth and pick it up. I’m about half way through season one already, and so far I think it’s pretty good. A few of the characters I find a bit annoying, but the Tokyo guy who can bend space and time is always entertaining, as well as the guy who can read minds. I’m anxiously awaiting the Heroes to step up and start being cool, but maybe that’s what season two is all about.