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Vitamin D And Insulin Resistance


The more research that’s published, the more evidence I seem to run into that indicates insulin resistance (and consequently obesity) seems to be related to oxidative stress and/or nutritional deficiencies. As I’ve pointed out before, one of the strange paradoxes that most theories generally can’t explain is why obesity often goes hand in hand with poor nutrition. That is, if obesity is caused solely by overeating, then we should see the lack of obesity in populations where food is scarce or nutrient poor. As several populations have shown us (most notably the Pima Indians), that isn’t always the case. Several current theories say that obesity is actually caused by nutritional deficiencies, which would jive with the observations above. Several vitamins/minerals that have been implicated in insulin control include chromium, vitamin C, calcium, and more recently vitamin D. The research around vitamin D and insulin resistance is actually fairly interesting. As […]