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The Evolution of The Hidden Rift


I was going through some old things tonight, and I came across a few tokens of my past that sort of reminded me how I first got into computers a long time ago. It all started back in Chilliwack, years ago, when my dad got picked up a Commodore 64. That was the first “real” computer that we had access to, and we both got into gaming. Chilliwack was pretty ahead of the curve, and they even opened up their own computer club that my dad and I dropped in on from time to time (oh yeah, we were cool). Not long after, I got my own C64, complete with the “fastload” cartridge, bringing game loading times down from 10 minutes to 8 minutes or something stupid. Some guy in Chilliwack decided that he would use his modem and set up one of the first bulletin board systems (BBS’s), and […]