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On The 12th Day Of Self-Hosting


Yes, sports fans, it’s been twelve days since I decided to move my hosting back onto my living room floor. So far, it’s been 12 days of pure bliss, of heavenly visions filled with bunny rabbits and endless fields of sunshine and happiness, where kids run forever. But seriously, things have been going rather great. I haven’t had a single hiccup, and get complete SQL backups emailed to me twice a day, just in case something were to ever go wrong. All my data is backed up with RAID 5 storage (and will email me whenever a drive starts to get old, thanks to hourly SMART diagnostics), so unless my apartment explodes, everything should be ok. I’ve noticed the guys are Media Temple hitting my site from time to time, so I’m hoping they can figure out their problems soon. I still have a hosting account there, and wouldn’t mind […]