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Ben's Housewarming


Last night, a few of us gathered down at Ben’s house near the Crosstown area for a small housewarming party. Ben is a good friend of mine from the old UBC days, and he’s pretty close to being a full-fledged doctor now. Afterwards, a small group of us briefly ended up at Honey for a round of booty-shaking. Me and Joe, @ Honey Lounge I also got to meet a few new people through Ben, which is always something I rather enjoy. Here’s a shot of Delilah (from Toronto) and her Vancouver friend Kate. Delilah has offered to show me […]

The Aftermath Of My 30th Birthday


Well, it’s now official — not only am I officially 30, but I have also survived my 30th birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy a few beers. In my case, thanks to all the shots, I drank way more than I’m used to. While I had a great time, unfortunately I slipped down the stairs at Honey and lost my glasses long enough for a few people to step on them. So, apparently I’ll be visiting the eyeglass store this week to put in a new order. Thanks everyone who popped by. I have a meeting […]