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New LCD For My Macbook Pro


My new LCD arrived via FedEx this morning. I picked it up on the way to work, along with a Torx screwdriver to remove some of the internal pieces. I decided to take a stab at fixing it when I arrived, but it turns out it was far more involved than I thought. I ended up having to disassemble the entire keyboard portion of the Macbook Pro. Afterwards, I had to disconnect the antenna for the wireless card, as well as the inverter for the monitor. Then, the data cable for the LCD came off, and finally the entire top portion that contains the screen. At that point I was basically half-way. I then had to disassemble the entire upper portion, removing the iSight connection, the inverter, the data cables, and the grounding strip (which is basically big taped on copper strip) that allows the antenna to work. After that, […]