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Vacation Entry 9 – Cloudy Day


Thankfully the clouds are overhead today, because yesterday was absolutely insanely hot. So hot in fact, that most people didn’t even hang out by the pool bar. I’m pretty much all pooled out I think, so I’m going to find something else to do today. I’ll probably walk down to the Plaza and book an excursion or two. They have an all-day catamaran trip to a remote island (with an open bar I might add) that sounds fairly appealing, as well as a safari trip to a waterfall you can swim in. Talking to people around here, it sounds like nearly everyone has had a lackluster summer back home, so don’t feel bad all you Vancouver people. As of tomorrow I’ll be more than half-way done this trip, and it’s gone rather quickly. Around Friday I’ll start to figure out just how in the hell I’m getting home, since there […]