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Wow, Maybe I'm Not That Weak After All – Adenovirus 14


I stumbled upon this article about killer viruses this morning, and it pretty much echos exactly everything that happened to me. I had a nap a few months ago, only to wake up with severe fever and chills. I thought I was battling the flu, and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better. Six days later I was in the ICU at St. Paul’s with a 104 degree F fever, and my left lung had partially collapsed due to pneumonia. A high school varsity athlete, a sturdy guy with a health history blissfully free of blips, 18-year-old Joseph Spencer had little reason to think anything was seriously wrong when he got sick last April. Doctors say Joseph Spencer could have died from adenovirus, a virus that usually just causes a cold. The vomiting, chills, fever — “It must be the flu,” he thought. Within hours, Spencer’s fever was 104 degrees. […]

Update from The Wack


Today is hopefully the day that my dad gets to go home from the ICU in Chilliwack. He went into New West. yesterday for angioplasty, and the initial word is that the surgery was a complete success. He’s got another 50 years of camping with the current hardware now. I spoke to him last night in the hospital via phone and he’s relieved and obviously happy to be going home.