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How To Make Money From A Travel Blog: Part 3


A few months ago I started a small series to talk about my ongoing goal to make at least $500 a month from this website. You can read How To Make Money From A Travel Blog: Part 1 and Part 2 here. This Month’s Results In the month of October I made $709 from this website, which is a 100% improvement over the previous month’s revenue of $347. That means I not only hit my goal of making $500/month, but I passed it by over $200. In terms of revenue, here’s where it came from for the month of October. Amazon Associates – $349 Last month I predicted that my Amazon revenue would likely go down this month. That turned out to be incorrect, and I made almost half of my revenue from a few Amazon products. My strategy for this has been rather simple – find posts that are […]

How To Make Money From A Travel Blog: Part 1


While I’ve tried off and on to make a little money from my website over the years, it’s never been something that was really important to me, primarily because I have another full time job that makes me more than enough money. Another reason is that I personally am not a huge fan of most advertising, as I find a lot of it to be intrusive. That said, travelling around the world and writing about it isn’t cheap. I likely spend anywhere from $6,000 a year or so on plane tickets, and lots of other money on tourist attractions, subway tickets, bus rides, and of course restaurants and pubs. Some of those expenses would exist if I were back home as well, but some of them are exclusive to travelling. I know a few travel bloggers who manage to get sponsored trips to various places and as a result have […]