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International Day Of The Nacho


For those people that know me, I’m pretty serious about nachos. I’m the only person I know with a complete lack of a sweet tooth. Chocolate, pies, cakes, candy, gummy bears, sugar — you could starve me for a week and put that stuff in front of me and I wouldn’t crave it at all. But put a plate of gooey, cheesy nachos in front of me and that’s a different story. I’ve slowly honed my nacho-making ability over the years to the point where I’m pretty much a nacho snob now. When I was down in Portland I went out of my way to find some nachos, only to be served a batch where the cheese was microwaved. Horrible. In fact, I’m always amazed when a pub or a restaurant fucks up nachos. I mean, how hard is it to put cheese on some tortilla chips and make it […]