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Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad Mini Review

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I’m currently in Europe travelling around with my girlfriend, and our plan is to be here until December. Since she was adamant that she didn’t want to bring a full computer with her on this trip, we decided we could make due by sharing my Macbook Air for various tasks. That meant that whoever wasn’t on the Macbook Air would have to make due with one of our two iPad Minis. I don’t mind using my iPad Mini at all, but typing on it gets a bit tiring, especially when you’re trying to work on a document (such as an eBook), or put together a presentation. I thought in this case that it might be a good idea to grab at least one bluetooth keyboard to bring along on our trip, that way whoever was stuck using an iPad would at least be able to easily type on it. I […]

Nerd Tech Update #1


I came to Buenos Aires with an iPad, a Macbook Pro, a Canon DLSR, a 28mm lens, a Kodak Playsport HD camera, and a Canon something or other point and shoot camera – quite the load. Here’s a little update on how it’s going. The Good The iPad is great for reading at home, but it’s not so good for reading out in public in a city with a lot of petty crime. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a single iPad down here since I’ve arrived. As a result, I’m thankful I brought my Kindle with me, since it blends into a coffee shop scene far easier. Right before I left Canada I purchased (or rather, my dad purchased for me), a little blue Kindle cover, so my Kindle looks a lot like a normal book or maybe even a daytimer if you didn’t know what it was […]

Taking The iPad On A Plane


My recent trip to Mexico gave me my first real opportunity to use my iPad on a travel adventure. I haven’t really had a lot of time to try watching movies or TV shows on it, and thought it would be fun to try watching a movie on the plane instead of paying for an inflight movie on WestJet. I loaded my iPad up with Mission Impossible III, Dances with Wolves (I had a copy floating around) and a few new episodes of House. I also made sure I charged the device up to 100% before leaving for the airport. The first great thing about having the iPad loaded with movies is that you can watch them whenever you want. On WestJet, you basically have to purchase your in-flight entertainment within the first 30 minutes of the flight. If you fail to do that, you’ll be forced to watch satellite […]

iPad Data Rates In Canada


As many people know, Rogers announced the 3G data pricing for the iPad in Canada. As expected, many people are upset about it, partially due to the lack of bandwidth, and partially due to the lack of an option to couple it with the iPhone data plan. One good aspect of the announcement is the lack of a contract required for the data portion for the iPad. I for one am sick of locking myself into multiyear contracts, and think it’s a step in the right direction. That said, I am currently paying $30/month for the 6G/mo data plan for Rogers, so it seems silly that I can’t use some of that bandwidth for my iPad. Truthfully, I don’t imagine many people will suck lots of bandwidth on their iPhones. Granted, it’s a new device and some bandwidth intensive applications may come out. But despite having 6G/mo on my iPhone, […]

The iPad Will Change How I Go To The Bathroom


It’s true. Sure, it might not have flash, and it might not come with 3G by default. But really, do any of those things matter when you’re sitting on the porcelain god? I think not. Obviously a laptop is too big to take into the can. Well, at least I hope nobody is taking the laptop into the can (Dan Lilly, that means you buddy). That leaves the iPhone or the iPad. iPhone works decent, but really, there are usually a variety of pads in the can, so might as well add one more. It’s pretty easy to use the iPhone with one hand while grabbing some TP with the other. I imagine one will have to come up with a new posture such that the iPad is resting on a knee or something, but I’m sure it’ll probably make the whole bathroom experience that much better. I mean, I […]