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Weird iTunes Error Message


I tried purchasing an application tonight in iTunes, and received the following error: For Google’s benefit: “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction”. I tried again and again with the same results. Afterwards I tried from my computer and got the same cryptic error message. I contacted Apple iTunes support tonight, and here was their response: Welcome to iTunes Store Customer support. I am Chandan. I understand that you are not able to make purchases from your Account. I will surely help you in resolving the issue. Apple is currently working toward a resolution for the issue you have […]

Live At Massey Hall Now Available


Matthew Good’s first live album, Live At Massey Hall, went on sale today internationally on iTunes. It’s currently already taken the #2 spot on the Canadian iTunes store, which is obviously impressive given that it’s only been out half of a day. So, head on over and check it out. For those of you in Canada, you’re going to have to wait until November 4th to pick up the second part of the album on iTunes. You can, however, head down to any music store and pick up the full version. Congrats Matt on another successful album release.

Come On Steve, Show Canada Some Love


Yesterday Apple released their long-waited for SDK for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. What this means is that if you’re interested in developing applications for the iPhone, you can simply download the SDK and get cracking. That is, unless you live in Canada. That’s right, Steve Jobs has limited real development to people with valid US addresses. And even then, it’s an application process that costs a minimum of $99 to be a part of. I realize Canada is a really small demographic compared to the United States, but we’re not *that* small, and there really are some bright […]

Hospital Music, Matthew Good's 7th Album, Now Live


If you’re itching to hear what Matthew Good’s 7th album, Hospital Music, sounds like, then head on over to MatthewGood.org – they are streaming it live from the website and also have a iTunes radio stream available. The first single, Born Losers, is available on iTunes, and the actual release date for the entire album is July 31st. Last time I checked, Born Losers was #11 on iTunes, so hopefully it will break top-ten shortly. I’m packing my bags right now, and heading down to Las Vegas tomorrow to sit around a pool on Matt’s birthday and listen to him […]

Apple and DRM, Take Two


In the last couple days, I’ve read several reports of people discovering embedded user data in the new DRM-free versions of music on iTunes. While I’m not suprised, having embedded user data within these files is essentially a form of Digital Rights Management, which at the very least points to false advertising by Apple regarding these new music files. I’m quite certain that a utility will exist shortly to strip it out, should people want to, but Apple is being very guarded about these files and exactly just how DRM-free they really are. I personally have no problem with my […]

Apple iTunes DRM-Free Test


Yesterday Apple released verison 7.2 of iTunes which finally gives users the ability to download DRM free versions of songs from iTunes. The added bonus is that you can also download 256 kbps AAC versions of the files instead of the 128 kbps AAC versions. So, before I actually go into the experience, I’d have to say I was slightly hesitant about this. When people think 128kbps, they automatically think of the old MP3s. And at 128kbps, MP3 files are fairly close to CD quality (for most people), but on my stereo at least, I can notice slight distortions. However, […]