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Happy Birthday Jason


Today is Jason’s 40th birthday. Jason’s a good friend of mine currently living down in the San Francisco area. I used to be really bad at remembering birthdays, but now Facebook is pretty decent at reminding me. Have a good birthday, dude. Don’t drink too much — at your age I’m not sure your liver can handle it.

Congrats Jason and Sheila


My friends Jason and Sheila had twins the other night (well technically, Sheila had twins, but I’m sure Jason did his part). Jason sent an update email yesterday: Sheila and I are very proud to announce that the twins were born at 11:44 and 11:45 on Thursday, July 19th, 2007. Their names are Louis Marc Fischl and Hanna Michelle Fischl. Louis was born 6 lbs and Hanna was 5 lbs 7 ounces. Both babies and Mom are doing well and should be home from the hospital on Monday. So drop Jason and Sheila a comment and congratulate them on their […]