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Entry #32 – Human Being Journalism


I’m sitting here listening to Dave O talk about Vancouver’s “True North Media House” that will be forming for the Vancouver Olympics. To give you some context, Vancouver has demonstrated that it is at the forefront of social media. Many people here without true old-school media credentials have covered many events as members of the press. Rebecca has covered a lot of events simply as a representative of her website, Dave O has covered a few different Olympics, and I’ve covered a few music events, including the 2008 Canadian Juno awards. The Olympic committee basically turned down most of the social media in Vancouver for accreditation. Instead of simply whining about it, the social media committee, led in large part by Dave O, has decided to form their own media house for the Olympics — the True North Media House. During the event, it’ll represent a grassroots movement of people […]

BarCamp Vancouver, WordCamp, PhotoCamp, And BeerCamp


Yes people, it’s that time again. BarCamp Vancouver is only a few hours from kicking off down at WorkSpace in GasTown. For those of you not familiar with it, BarCamp is an unconference where people get together and determine the topics at the conference the day of the event. Everyone who attends is potentially a speaker, so it’s a great forum for learning new things and being expose to new ideas. Rebecca Bollwitt and I are organizing a session of WordCamp tomorrow down in Granville Island, which should be a lot of fun. I currently have a desk full of WordPress swag to give out tomorrow (courtesy of the guys and gals at Automattic), so be sure to pick up some WordPress goodies. Also, Rebecca and I will probably do a brief WordPress related social Saturday around dinner time somewhere in Granville Island, so flag one of us down if […]

John Biehler In Hawaii


So our pal John Biehler is currently soaking up the rays in Hawaii with his wife. It’s been a long tradition of ours (and by long, I mean about two months) of having a nerd camp at my place. We had one today and John couldn’t make it, so here’s a quick Flickr video showing what he’s been up to:

Apple TV


Last night I went over to John Biehler’s house to sit around, drink diet pepsi max, and to watch a movie. We ended up renting Michael Clayton, which is a really good movie if you are looking for something to watch. John gave me a pretty exhaustive tour of the Apple TV (which they recently updated to version 2.0 of the firmware), and I have to say, had London Drugs still been open when I left his place, I would have rushed over to pick one up on my way home last night. No matter. After bouncing between Best Buy, Future Shop, and London Drugs today I am now the proud owner of an Apple TV. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a mini computer that plugs into your TV and allows you to rent movies via iTunes, view Flickr photos, play YouTube videos, […]

Nerd Camp


There are a bunch of guys over at my place right now, messing around with blogs, media, podcasts, and of course, beer. Right now it’s John Bollwitt, John Biehler, and Boris Mann is downstairs with the next shipment of beer. I’ll update this as the day/night goes on. We all have a few projects we want to do. I’m currently moving all my websites over to Media Temple, which is basically easy but requires a bunch of grunt work to pull off. After that I’m going to attempt to make really awesome movie/mp3 player for WordPress. John Bollwitt making scrambled eggs, photo by John Biehler Wow, the day sure went quick. It’s already 8:45pm. I’ve been working on a pretty cool WordPress plugin during the day that will automatically extract all media out of blog posts and put it into a media player. I’ll have a demo going in a […]



Photo by miss604 Be afraid. Be very afraid. I’m heading out to watch this tonight with Rebecca, John and John. Rebecca had tickets to the Vancouver premiere and invited me along, which is totally exciting. I’m going on the record as saying I’m pretty sure this is going to suck (the trailer reminds me of a techy Blair Witch Project), but it’ll be a fun suck with a bunch of friends. That sounds dirty, I know. Check out the trailer below: I’m pretty sure the entire budget for the film went into the funky Independence-Day-looking poster, just to attract more people.

Movie Marathon


7:36pm – So John and Brennen just arrived for the Friday night nerd-a-thon. We’re debating what movies to watch right now while waiting for pizza to arrive. We have a big list of geeky movies here, some of which are on HD-DVD. Right now the short runners are: The Matrix in HD Dark City Gladiator Desperado Heat Ocean’s Thirteen in HD So we’ll see how it goes. Jeff will probably show up in a bit, and I’m not sure who else. I’m guessing The Matrix will be first just to kick everything off with a bag of kick-ass. My copy of Dark City has seen better days, so I’m trying to rip it to my laptop and reburn it before putting into my HD-DVD player, since it’s rather flaky and doesn’t like scratched discs. Photo of downtown from my place. Taken by John Biehler. 9:11pm Dustin just showed up and […]