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Buenos Aires, Day 23


So, I’ve been in Buenos Aires a little over three weeks now. This last week was pretty uneventful, as I’ve been working quite a bit and also spending six hours a week in Spanish lessons. Truthfully, I’m probably going to scale the lessons back here shortly, as I’m finding it pretty hard to fit them in and still have time to get out and enjoy the city. So I may scale back to two nights a week, or possibly even one. I also hadn’t explicitly budgeted for Spanish lessons, so I don’t want to use up all my travel money with lessons, especially since I have quite a few books around here as well as events I can attend to get a bit more practice. Without a doubt, learning a new language is challenging. I spent four years learning French in high school, and I still wasn’t conversational in it […]

Video Update: Buenos Aires, Day 16


Here’s a little video update from Buenos Aires using Photobooth. Not entirely sure why I was doing the Stevie Wonder while it was going on, but whatever. I also said my Spanish lessons are $90/month, when they are more like $90/week. But, enjoy! If people like these kind of updates I’ll try and do more of them. Video Update: Day 16 in Buenos Aires from Duane Storey on Vimeo.

Buenos Aires, Day 9


Well, it’s been 9 days since I arrived in Buenos Aires, and I thought I would give an update. So far, I’m really enjoying myself here, although I haven’t been too far from Palermo Soho yet other than to set up my cell phone. Today marked a pretty important milestone in my journey – laundry. In Buenos Aires they don’t really have coin operated laundromats, they have what are called lavaderos. They are usually small shops where you drop off your laundry and pick it up later after it’s been washed and folded. I managed to muddle my way through some dialog to drop my clothes off this morning. I walked away with a ticket and the inclination to return at the end of the day, so here’s hoping I get my clothes back! I’m sure it’ll turn out fine. I’m actually really excited about this weekend because I’m going […]