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Entry #25 – Coastal Mountain Range


While I was taking a quick break from blogging, Keira Mellis decided to help me out by writing an entry. So, this is a guest-entry by Keira. You can read more of Keira’s writing over Keira-anne.com Jordy and I have been at Workspace for several hours now, bringing candy and cheer to Duane and Rebecca as they blog for their respective charities. The space is quiet – almost too quiet – as everyone keeps their heads down, writing at frantic paces. Despite being so focused, it’s hard not to notice the view out the expansive windows facing north. Living in BC, and Vancouver in particular, it’s easy to take for granted the scenery we all see day-in and day-out. Though it struck me how amazing it must be to see the North Shore mountains through the eyes of someone who has never been here before. While the Canadian Rockies primarily […]