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Spare The Rod


I was just reading an article about a restaurant in Carolina Beach that no longer tolerates screaming kids inside the restaurant. Obviously it’s a bit controversial, at least because they are making their policy public. But I wanted to see what everyone else though. As far as I’m concerned, I have no problem with it at all. I understand that kids will be kids, but if your kid is having a really bad day, then I don’t see why everyone else in the restaurant has to have a crappy meal because of it. It’s one thing to when a newborn […]

Entry #6 – The Kids In My Life


While I don’t have any kids of my own, what I do have are a really great niece and nephew that I love very much: Despite not really spending much time with them over the last ten years (mostly because I lived in a different city), I’m actually fairly close to both of them, and have really been enjoying my time with them since moving back to Chilliwack. Last night my niece gave me a phone call and told me about all of the boy crushes she had while at summer camp (count ’em people, 11 boy crushes). So this […]

The Strangest Thing


I’ve been in Chilliwack close to two months now. It’s obviously a completely different lifestyle out here, one that I’m quite enjoying. I wake up every morning to an apartment that’s filled with light, and I go to sleep each night without the sound of loud sirens or drunken idiots screaming outside. But without a doubt there’s one aspect of living out here that still seems unnatural — seeing children outside. Living in the downtown core of Vancouver you don’t really see a lot of kids. Sure, you see the odd infant, or on the weekend, a few kids going […]