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BarCamp Vancouver, WordCamp, PhotoCamp, And BeerCamp


Yes people, it’s that time again. BarCamp Vancouver is only a few hours from kicking off down at WorkSpace in GasTown. For those of you not familiar with it, BarCamp is an unconference where people get together and determine the topics at the conference the day of the event. Everyone who attends is potentially a speaker, so it’s a great forum for learning new things and being expose to new ideas. Rebecca Bollwitt and I are organizing a session of WordCamp tomorrow down in Granville Island, which should be a lot of fun. I currently have a desk full of WordPress swag to give out tomorrow (courtesy of the guys and gals at Automattic), so be sure to pick up some WordPress goodies. Also, Rebecca and I will probably do a brief WordPress related social Saturday around dinner time somewhere in Granville Island, so flag one of us down if […]

From Digital Back to Film


Tonight I did something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a few weeks now — I picked up a film SLR body so that I could once again shoot film. And to even write that statement down now seems a bit weird, since I left the world of film years ago, thinking I would never ever shoot a roll of film again in my life. However, a lot of friends of mine who are into photography have started dabbling once again in the forbidden art, and it has caused me to take it seriously once again. I have no idea if it will last long with me, but it’s definitely cool enough to keep me entertained for a few months I think. I met a guy down near London drugs today after work and paid him $150 for his film SLR body. This is basically one of the last […]