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Disappearing For The Weekend


A while ago I decided that I would take a little break and have a little ‘me time’. I’ve bounced around a few ideas in my head, and ultimately come up with a pretty good weekend adventure. I’ve been keeping the actual location to myself, simply because I want to just disappear for a few days, put the cell phone on vibrate, and get in a little rest and relaxation. The last vacation I took was back at the end of last November, so it’s been nearly six months without a break. I don’t really feel like I need a week off at this point, but a nice relaxing weekend adventure complete with a few days of sleeping in is going to be pretty nice. I cashed in some points on travel VISA and purchased two nights in a one bedroom suite in a lakeside hotel. It has a full […]

Here Comes The Sun


Well, yesterday was a pretty warm day here in Chilliwack. I think it officially got up to 31 degrees Celsius. My little weather widget says it might rain a bit today, but here’s hoping it’s wrong. I’m hopefully going to go up to the lake for a few hours with some friends. Other than these last few days, this seems to be a pretty poor summer so far in terms of weather. What does everyone else think? I’ve also emailed the TweetMe guys about my widget on the right – for some reason it doesn’t work on this domain properly. It works on my test domains, but not here. I suspect because I had this site locked down for a while this domain ended up getting blacklisted.