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Launch Party Vancouver 4


I went out for a few beers tonight with Boris and Dave down in Yaletown, a pseudo celebration for Cinco De Mayo. One of the topics that came up casually over a few margaritas was the fast approaching onslaught of Vancouver technology events. Kicking it off in approximately two weeks is the fourth iteration of Launch Party Vancouver down at the Republic on Granville street. It’s always a great event, and most of the local technology companies (and freelancers) are usually in attendance. I was sort of the unofficial photographer for Launch Party III, and will definitely bring my camera around for some shots of LPV IV (although, I may focus more on socializing at this event). So, while I’ve been taking it easy and not attending too many local events recently, I’m definitely excited to hang out with the ‘ol crew again down at LPV 4. I’ll post more […]