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We Come To It At Last – The Great Battle Of Our Time


Yes, today is July 11th, and that means today is the day most of use techno geeks have been waiting for patiently for the last few months. Today Roger’s releases the iPhone 3G in Canada. As most of you know, I’ve been pretty harsh (justifiable so) against their iPhone rate plans. The last entry I posted basically said that if Rogers didn’t cave before Friday, they were going to seriously hurt their credibility, not just amongst their wireless users, but also for the hoards of people that were exposed to the negative press. The good news is that Rogers finally caved and offered a decent data plan for $30/mo. When coupled with a normal Roger’s voice plan, that’ll bring the monthly cost of a new iPhone down from around $100 to more like $60, which is in line with what my old cell phone used to cost me. So, while […]