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Maid Day


Yes, it’s that time of month again, maid day. When I got sick with pneumonia in the fall my mom came and spent a few days with me and ended up cleaning my entire apartment. Being a busy, single guy, it was in a pretty sad state. My mom, being a constant worrier, implored me, for her sake, to get someone to help clean my apartment so it would be clean and I wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick at home. Since I’m sort of cheap (at least for things that don’t involve technology), but wanted to put my mom’s mind at ease, I made myself a compromise — I’d get a maid but cancel my cable TV to pay for it. So, that’s what I did, and I’ve had two girls come every two weeks and clean my apartment for me ever since. At first it felt weird […]

Housekeeping in Vancouver


A few people convinced me to finally ante up and get a house keeper, since a) my place is usually messy and b) I don’t really have much time to spend cleaning. She’s in the bathroom right now, and she stepped out for a brief second to say: “wow, you’re pretty messy eh?” with a cute smile. I think I can get used to having cute girls come to my place every few weeks and clean. Thankfully my place is going to be (and stay) spotless after all this. One girl came on Friday to clean the living room and kitchen, but ran out of time before finishing it all off (due to a prior constraint). So, the other girl is here now finishing it all off. At first, the whole idea of spending money to have someone clean my place seemed a bit pretentious, but having lived in a […]