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A New Alternative To CFL Lighting


Are you trying to save energy by changing over incandescent light bulbs to CFL bulbs? Well, there may now be a new alternative that uses even less power. Glow in the dark kitties! Yes, you too can own one of these purring light-bulbs! Simple feed them from time to time and all your energy needs are solved! You can read about it here.

My CFL Update


Well, yesterday I posted my CFL challenge update. So far, I only have verbal commitments from people to change a few lightbulbs this weekend and contribute some photos. But hopefully they all pull through. As for me — I stopped at London Drugs on the way home and bought 6 CFL lightbulbs. Surprisingly, those 6 allowed me to replace 9 normal ones in my place (since the new CFL ones are way brighter in my bathroom — so bright that I don’t need all the lights I had in there). Here’s a summary of what that did: Power removed from incandescent bulbs: (7x40W + 2x70W) = 420W Power added from new bulbs (4x11W + 2x27W) = 98W Net power savings: 322W Now, if you browse through the internet, you can find find out that 1 kWh of electricity produces 1.6 pounds of carbon dioxide. Assuming I use the bathroom lights […]