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Entry #3: Blogathon Shout Out


Blogathon is a team effort, and as such, I’m happy to be blogging along side of some of Vancouver’s best bloggers. So, here are some shouts to some of my fellow bloggers participating in Blogathon, not all of who are on the sunshine shift tonight (but will be checking in at various times during the weekend): Tania Morrison (Ottawa), Raul, Shane Gibson, Karen Hamilton, Ayeza Garcia, Isabella Mori, Danny Dang, Mehnaz Thawer, Jenn Lowther/Nadia Nascimento, Barbara Doduk, Chris Richardson, and Colleen Vince. I had a little nap after work tonight hoping that it would give me a bit of extra leverage when it comes to spending the next 24 hours awake. It was probably the right thing today, but I’ll admit I’m fairly spaced out right night now and feel like just hitting the sheets and sleeping again. But rest assured, I’m in this for the long haul. Rebecca‘s husband […]

WordPress Trackbacks Explained


Since some of the current readers are new to blogging, I thought I’d spend a bit of time explaining the whole concept of trackbacks. Trackbacks are sort of an automated form of commenting so that when a blog entry is referenced by another one, this is reflected in the comments of the original blog entry. For example, let’s say I write a blog entry here, and Clay comes along like the bigshot he is and wants to link to it from his blog. There are two ways he can do it. First, he can link to the actual blog entry itself, which at first seems like a good thing to do if you’re Clay. Unfortunately, if he does that, the only person who will know about that link is Clay and the other three people who read his blog. Trackbacks Explained The right way to do it (at least in […]