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Plans For April


I’ve been busy making plans for April. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on most of it, but I’ve done a preliminary timetable and the budget works. So this is what it’s looking like. March 31 – April 5 – New York City, USA April 6 – April 10 – Shannon & Limerick, Ireland April 11 – April 15 – Edinburgh, Scotland April 15 – April 17 – Dublin, Ireland April 17 – April 21 – London outskirts, England April 21 – April 26 – Paris, France There’s a bit of bouncing around there, but I’m coordinating meeting up with a few other people, and that’s how it has to happen to work. For example, I’m meeting up with my friend Tanya in Dublin, and my old roommate from university, Jerome, in Paris. I also am trying to stay put during the weekdays so I can get some work done, […]

My Moo Has Arrived


Yes, they are here — my Moo cards finally arrived in the mail today. I officially ordered them exactly one month ago, so it took a full four weeks to get here. Looking at the packaging, it looks like they went from London, UK to Germany, and then finally over here to Canada. Considering that they state they all shipping is done with First Class airmail, I’m pretty surprised that it not only takes this long to get here, but also that there isn’t some sort of tracking number. In fact, there are no markings on the packaging at all to indicate when it finally did ship from London, which seems a bit odd to me. Clearly the shipping route from Moo in London to Vancouver involves a few carrier pigeons, a donkey, and some guy attempting to swim across the atlantic. I haven’t opened them up yet, because really, […]

Back At Home from London


I’m pretty bagged, so this will be short. The flight leaving Heathrow was pretty much a complete clusterfuck. Apparently they were out of gates, so they just parked the 747 on the concrete a mile away and had to shuttle us all there in small groups.. We took off around an hour late.. About an hour into it, we had some pretty wicked turbulence, which for someone who hates flying basically unnerved me. I popped a few sleeping pills when we hit altitude and managed to sleep for most of the flight home (surprisingly, because I had an aisle seat, and nobody asked me to get up so they could go to the bathroom).. We landed in Vancouver around 8pm I think… I missed my wine drinking time by about an hour, but just had my second glass here… I left my place a completely disaster, so I guess I […]

London Bound


I approximately 24 hours, I’ll be stepping off a plane at Heathrow and rushing madly to see some of London before my connecting flight to Vancouver leaves in the early evening. I think I’ll probably only have about 3 and a half hours to see London, which I’m sure doesn’t give me much time to see very much. With the time constraints, it looks like I’m gonna shell out $100 for the express train that goes from the airport to Paddington Station near central London. From there, I’m really not sure what I’m going to do. It still seems like quite a haul to get to any of the attractions, so I imagine I’ll have to take “the tube” to go see something. In terms of what I really want to see, I really am not sure. I’d like to take a ride on the London Eye, but if there’s […]

Waiting In Heathrow Airport


So I have a few minutes to kill here at Heathrow, so I thought I would write a quick blog entry. The flight from Vancouver to here was relatively uneventful. The guy next to me was sort of a prick, and unfortunately for me I don’t think he brushed his teeth yesterday, but I survived. I haven’t slept a wink, so I’m hoping I can sleep for an hour or two on the next flight to Helsinki. I think my next flight is delayed slightly, which means I probably won’t get into the hotel until around 10pm or so. One thing is for certain — I’m definitely going to be ready to have a nice long sleep when I get there, and wake up bright and early for a fun filled week of work. My laptop is about to die, and apparently I was too dumb to pack the European […]