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One Week In Oahu, Hawaii

United States

I recently returned from a one week impromptu trip to Oahu, Hawaii, and wanted to share my final thoughts. The flight time from Vancouver was around six hours, so it was still a relatively short jaunt. Not as short as flying to the west coast of Mexico mind you, but about the same amount of time as flying to Cancun or the Dominican Republic. The Island During the Lost Legends tour we drove over the entire island in the course of a day. I’d say it takes less than an hour to criss cross the island in any direction, so Oahu is fairly tiny. The eastern side is called the Windward side of the island, and it’s characterized by cliffs and green vegetation. The western side, also called the Leeward side of the island, is a bit dryer and more flat. I had originally planned on renting a car and […]

Lost “Legends” Tour on Oahu


Like most people in North America over the previous six or so years, I was a pretty big fan of the TV Show, Lost. While the ending caused a lot of controversy, I watched the show pretty religiously over the last few years, and still even occasionally fire up an episode or so on my iPad. One of the reasons I was drawn to Oahu, Hawaii, was because I was a fan of the beautiful geography that was featured in Lost. In case you weren’t aware, almost 100% of the show was filmed here. Hawaiian Escapades Tour I did a quick Google search for Lost tours on Oahu, and found a few different operators that offered them. Prices varied from around $80 USD for a half-day adventure, all the way up to around $199 USD for a full day in a Hummer. The one tour in particular I gravitated towards […]

Bye Bye Bank Card Birdie


Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. At some level I’m almost relieved that it’s out of the way. Somehow yours truly lost his bank card today. I made two trips to the bank today, one to HSBC near Alto Palermo and one to CitiBank. At HSBC I took out 1000 pesos and at CitiBank I did the same. I made it back home, did some work, then went to a little coffee shop where I read for an hour or so. When I got home from there I opened my wallet, and was surprised that my bank card wasn’t in it. I actually have every other card in the safe in my apartment, but because I had gone to the bank earlier I had taken it out. Normally when I use it I put it right back into my wallet again, so it was surprisingly to me […]

Lost: Season Finale


If you haven’t seen the finale, then don’t read this. Obviously there are a lot of spoilers below. I gotta say, I really liked the finale. I wasn’t a fan of this entire season, but the finale sort of made the journey worthwhile. First, I’m glad a few of my predictions came true, namely with regards to Desmond being involved in helping save the island, the redemption of Ben Linus to some extent, the duality of Locke dying in the island timeline and Locke’s legs being fixed in the sideways timeline. A few people seem disappointed with the ending. I for one loved the focus on each of the characters during the finale, starting with the flashes between the two timelines at the beginning, and ending with everyone together. A lot of people seem confused with the final ending. I think that’s the point in some ways. Is it heaven? […]

Lost: Final Predictions


Well, this is it. We’re down to only one episode left. If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, then don’t read any further. First, I’ll honestly say that this season has been a pretty big letdown. I mean, we spent five seasons getting to know these characters, learning about the Dharma Initiative, and also the others. Pretty much all of that has been irrelevant in the context of season 6. I’ve been trying to figure out what I think will happen in the final episode. The key to the whole mexican standoff that’s undoubtedly going to occur in the season finale will be Desmond I’m pretty sure. Given how he’s somehow outside of the rules, I’m going to speculate that he’s the only person who can somehow kill the smoke monster. I’m going out on a limb here to say that I think pretty much everyone else on the Island is […]

Lost: Ab Aeterno


Without a doubt, the Lost episode the other night was one of the better ones I’ve seen. If you haven’t seen it yet, then don’t read any more, since there are a few spoilers. Seeing Richard’s back story helped put some of the pieces together. Like most people on the island, Richard’s past isn’t all rosy — he lost his wife and accidentally killed a person. He’s been on the island now over 150 years, and obviously hasn’t aged at all. We’re led to believe that he is an immortal now due to Jacob’s touch. I found it a bit odd how irritable the Jacob in the past was. It seemed like this was deliberate by the writers, most likely to contrast the Jacob in the future who seems to have all the answers. He reveals to Richard his ultimate motivation for bringing people to the Island – to prove […]

Heroes, 24, Lost


Now that I have cable again, I’ve been watching a bit more TV. Except for last night’s Heroes and 24, I’ve been keeping up with all three shows. Of them all, Lost is the only one that’s really keeping me interested. I think the whole concept of 24 has just gone on too long now. I thought season two was pretty awesome, mainly because it focused on character development. Now it’s more of an action flick. They had a good opportunity with that cute FBI agent, but they really haven’t used her to her full potential yet. I’m not sure why, but I find Heroes pretty boring these days. I guess because everyone and their dog has some super power now, it’s really hard to get worked up when anyone is in danger. I kind of miss the old days when Peter and Sylar were going at it more. What […]