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Google Reaches Out To San Francisco


I’m a big believer in corporate responsibility. That is, I think big corporations should reach out and do more for people in their communities, or use whatever means they have to contribute positively towards society. Surprisingly, the Vancouver technology scene is fairly active in this area, and I’ve witnessed many technology-driven events in this city geared towards feeding people in the Lower East Side, helping acquire clothing, etc. So today, I was rather pleased to see an announcement from one of the largest technology companies around. Google has just announced that they are going to give every homeless person in San Francisco their own phone number with permanent voicemail. For those people that are trying to obtain jobs, or waiting to receive health-care, having a valid callback number where someone can reach you can be a huge deal. I sent the article to David and asked for his take on […]

The Dead Of Winter


Vancouver, being a coastal city surrounded by mountains, has one of the most moderate climates in all of Canada. The average temperature in the summer probably hovers around 20C or so, and in the winter, rarely drops below 0C. Last time I checked, only one out of every five Christmases in Vancouver is white. And despite the relatively warm temperatures here, walking the streets of this city in winter you’ll see the homeless struggling to keep warm, often forced to cover themselves with newspapers, cardboard boxes, or whatever damp clothing can be found in the dumpsters. Every night, they find whatever protection from the elements they can, wrap themselves up, and go to sleep.