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What To Do With Your Mail While Travelling


One of the obvious problems with going away for a whole year is figuring out what to do with your mail. While many services and companies these days offer paperless options, many still do not. I know first hand that if your VISA bill gets returned to sender, the very first thing the VISA company will do is put a hold on your card until you get a proper address again. So it’s important to have your mail end up somewhere. I briefly debated asking someone in my family to look after all my mail for me. The idea there would be to simply use one of their house addresses as my address, and have them toss my paperwork into a box. The main reason I opted against that option is because I really don’t want to inconvenience anyone by having to look after my mail for a year. Also, […]

Moving IMAP Folders With ImapSync


We’re in the process of moving some servers around right now, and one of the things we need to do is move mail accounts around. I’ve been a big fan of IMAP over POP for a few years now, mainly because the messages are kept up on the server, which ultimately keeps every machine looking roughly the same. The unfortunate aspect of that is that when you move servers you have to find a way to get the messages over to their new home. One of the more obvious ways to move messages is to proxy them through your own personal machine. To do that, you simply need to set up both accounts in a mail program like Apple Mail and start moving things around. You can create a local folder on your machine, and simply drag all the folders from the source mail account into your new folder. Depending […]