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Finishing My Master's Degree

Well, it’s official — I passed my master’s exam with a whopping mark of 84% (A-) — good enough for me. So, all that’s left to do is get a few pieces of paper signed, print off a nice copy of my thesis, and hand it into the library for processing. And then it’s done. The guys from CounterPath took me out for a few free rounds of drinking last night. We started at Nevermind in Kits for a few beers after my defense. Then Des and I went for dinner on Granville Island (Bridges) and met up with everyone […]

Four Years In Review

Wow.. Four years doing my master’s degree.. Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday the wheels of the 737 came off the ground at the Ottawa airport, and I was heading back home to Vancouver to pick up my old life, and start a master’s degree in EE. And here am I, 11pm, only a few hours to go before it’s all over. It’s weird looking back on things like this.. I remember starting school again, thinking it would be so much different from my undergrad, only to realize that after a few classes, nothing really had […]

How To Make Shitty Coffee 101


First off, I met with my supervisor tonight to finalize my thesis.. Although I don’t have an official answer yet, it’s very likely I’ll be giving my defense next Thursday.. That’s really soon, and I have a lot of work to do before then, but the good news is then I’m completely done before I go on vacation, which would be pretty awesome.. There will definitely be booze ‘a flowin ‘a plenty Thursday night if I pull it off. On Friday I’m going to Cirque de Soleil, so I hope that my defense is Thursday so I can go out […]