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I can’t really say that I’ve seen much of Victoria since being here, since I haven’t really been out that much. That said, it’s been really great just hanging out with some old friends and taking it easy. My friend Jeff (who has been a friend of mine since high school) picked me up at the Helicopter pad in Victoria on Friday night, and we spent most of the night just chilling at his place watching movies. Today Jeff, Michele and I took Maya (their 2.5 yr old daughter) down to her gymnastics class and watched that for an hour or so. Then we came back to Jeff’s house and made a pretty awesome dinner involving home made focaccia bread and pasta. Maya and Michele did most of the heavy lifting on the Apple Crisp: Strangely enough, I don’t really see many of my high school and university friends all […]

Baby on Board


So yesterday, I met up with Jessica, Brennen, Kaedy, Michele, Jeff, Maya, Margo and Robbie, and the troop of dogs down in Steveston. In the old days, we started this day called “Friends Day”, where we would schedule in a day to hang out with our old high school friends. It sounds a bit lame, but with everyone’s time constraints, we found if we didn’t set aside time to hang out, it never happened. So, even though yesterday wasn’t actually a friend’s day, we still managed to all meet out in Steveston for a few hours of hanging out. Brennen and Jessica recently had baby Kaedy, and Jeff and Michele recently had Maya. Margo and I were commenting that we really need a place where we can rent babies and dogs for an hour or two for events just like this, because we are starting to feel a bit left […]