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Eating Local Food


I said the other day that I wasn’t going to make any New Year’s resolutions, and for the most part that’s true. One thing I’d like to do this year though is to try and eat as healthy as possible. For starters, I gave up soft drinks the other day completely. I’m sure I’ll still have a rum and diet coke from time to time, since it’s been my drink of choice for around 12 years now, but I’m going to try not to drink any type of carbonated beverages around home for the most part if I can. I haven’t had any diet coke in about five days now, which is a pretty big accomplishment. Second, and I imagine this will fluctuate as well, I’ve reduced my caffeine intake to basically nothing right now. While I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee from time to time, I’ve had […]

Cooking Around Chilliwack


A few weeks ago my friends Patrick and Dale were in town. Patrick is actually a pretty good cook, something that was evidenced by a lot of the meals Patrick made for us while he was here. One of the things that visit did was remind me how much I enjoy tinkering around the kitchen, and just how much better fresh/good food tastes. One of the things that’s cool about Chilliwack is just how easy it is to get fresh ingredients. Next door to me is a big Cooper’s grocery store, which I can most things at in a pinch. While it has a good selection, it’s a lot more money than some of the specialty shops in town. In terms of meat, I usually head down to Fraser Valley Meats. In any given week they usually have a bunch of sales going on, so I typically stock up every […]