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Two Weeks


We just launched a new version of BraveNewCode, and I’m officially on holidays now. So, starting tomorrow I’ll be relaxing, Christmas shopping, and finishing getting my things in order prior to the move. Today marks the two week mark until I leave Chilliwack. On Sunday the 2nd, I’ll finish saying my goodbyes around town and head into the city. I’ll be staying at a hotel for a few days out there so that I can visit with a few friends and do a bit of last minute shopping prior to flying out. It hasn’t completely hit me yet that I’ll be leaving and most likely not coming back for a full year. I’ve been so busy these last six weeks that I haven’t really had the chance to get excited. But thankfully it’s all starting to sink in. The first stop of course is Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve already met […]

New Travel Site


About a year ago I reverted this site to a simple theme, mainly because I haven’t been entirely sure what to do with it. I set out about six weeks ago to do a refresh of this site that would cater to some of my upcoming travel adventures. As I got about half way on it, I realized it probably would make more sense to do a dedicated travel site catering to people who want to explore world travel and also for traveling techies like my self to get more information about some of the places I’ve visited. So, that’s what I ended up doing. My new site is called The Migratory Nerd, and is at themigratorynerd.com. It also has a dedicated Twitter account at @migratorynerd. I’ll still update this site from time to time, mostly about personal items, but most of my blog entries going forward (at least over […]