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Contaminated Milk In Chilliwack


So, this is actually a timely story, given my recent efforts to purchase more local food. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has recently shut down a local Chilliwack company that produces raw (i.e. unpasteurized) milk due to contamination with faecal matter. I won’t argue whether or not that faecal matter is of concern, since I don’t know the levels that were found or how they relate. The owner of the business is obviously upset with the government interference: But Home on the Range owner Alice Jongerden said the health agency has never contacted them with concerns, or gave them the chance to do their own testing. “They’re missing the point. If public health had real concerns about public health they should speak to us directly — but they never did,” she told ctvbc.ca in a telephone interview. Selling raw milk is illegal in Canada, but raw dairy coops […]