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Traveller Profile: Rebecca Bollwitt


Rebecca Bollwitt is one of those rare people who doesn’t need an introduction. Her Vancouver blog, Miss604.com, is well known in Canada and parts of the United States, and has been voted the #1 Vancouver blog for the last four years. Rebecca has organized several conferences in the Vancouver area, including two WordCamps, several Twestivals, and several blog-until-you-pass-out 24-hour sessions of Blogathons. Not only is Rebecca actively involved with Vancouver and her website, but her and her husband also co-founded a WordPress-centric design and development company called Sixty4Media. She even co-authored a business book that contains some powerful business, blogging and WordPress tips: Blogging To Drive Business. And like me, Rebecca can perform both of her jobs while travelling, something I find more and more people are adjusting their lives to accommodate. Rebecca also does a great deal of travel, both personal and sponsored trips, all the while writing for […]

Rebecca Visits Ghana


Traveling the world for leisure is obviously a great adventure. While I get to enjoy the weekends and the evenings, I’m also working as I travel, so most of my days are spent building plugins for WordPress and helping keep things afloat. But I do get to venture out from time to time free of computers and cell phones and enjoy some of what the world has to offer, for example, this weekend’s trip to the famous Iguazu Falls. But other types of travel are for more nobler causes. As an example, a good friend of mine from the Vancouver area, Rebecca Bollwitt, recently got asked to participate in a trip to Ghana, West Africa, to give some bicycles to school children there. This trip is part of Cadbury’s Bicycle Factory campaign, an effort to give the kids in Ghana bicycles that they can enjoy. From the Bicycle Factory website: […]

Rebecca and Teddy


That’s Rebecca and Teddy at my place in Chilliwack. Teddy was given to me by my grandma when I was less than a year old. I’ve had him ever since, and have been keeping him around for when my first kid is born. As a kid, Teddy and I went through lots of hard times, and it’s pretty encouraging to know he’s still around to see me through the bad times, even as an adult. When my grandma went into surgery years ago, I thought I’d return the favour, and left Teddy under her arm in the recovery room at Chilliwack General. Since then, she’s made sure to see how he was doing from time to time, and I conveniently have left him out around my apartment so she can say hey from time to time.

BarCamp Vancouver, WordCamp, PhotoCamp, And BeerCamp


Yes people, it’s that time again. BarCamp Vancouver is only a few hours from kicking off down at WorkSpace in GasTown. For those of you not familiar with it, BarCamp is an unconference where people get together and determine the topics at the conference the day of the event. Everyone who attends is potentially a speaker, so it’s a great forum for learning new things and being expose to new ideas. Rebecca Bollwitt and I are organizing a session of WordCamp tomorrow down in Granville Island, which should be a lot of fun. I currently have a desk full of WordPress swag to give out tomorrow (courtesy of the guys and gals at Automattic), so be sure to pick up some WordPress goodies. Also, Rebecca and I will probably do a brief WordPress related social Saturday around dinner time somewhere in Granville Island, so flag one of us down if […]

Blogger Profile: Rebecca Bollwitt, Miss604


Well, I would hope that Rebecca would need no introduction in this city. But that being said, Rebecca has gone out of her way time and time again to throw link love towards other bloggers, and share whatever knowledge she can with others. So, the least I can do for a good friend is return the favour. Over the last few years Rebecca has firmly established her blog as the most informative and relevant source of information on Vancouver life, bar none. Her blog is a enjoyable mix of personal reflections within the city, upcoming Vancouver events, and local media and band coverage. The information on her website is so widely viewed and cherished that it is, in fact, often copied by local media agencies looking for a quick story. Far more important than that though, is my friendship with Rebecca and her husband. I actually intercepted Rebecca a few […]

Blogathon Vancouver


Last year my good pal Rebecca stayed up for 24 hours straight and participated in an event called “Blogathon”. For a full day, Rebecca did a blog post every 30 minutes, hoping to inspire people and bring visibility to a charity of her choosing. This year I’ve decided to participate in Blogathon, which this year is sponsored by Miss604.com. I’m going to be supporting the Union Gospel Mission, which ultimately lends help to those less fortunate in Vancouver. Rebecca is also supporting them, so hopefully between the two of us (and possibly a few others) we’ll be able to raise some money to help out some of the less fortunate individuals in our fair city. I’ll be revamping my site slightly to draw attention to Blogathon as it happens, but make sure you check back often while it’s going on. I’m going to be doing the sunshine shift, which means […]

Wednesday Drinking Nights


Rebecca and John swung by tonight for 2.25 L of wine drinking fun. Don’t shake baby. Also, my hosting account over on another server basically expired. I did my best to move everyone’s websites over, but turns out that it’s rather difficult to change over DNS entries for websites you don’t own. I tried my best though.

Thursday, Apple Air, Sore Throat, Muffin of Death


I woke up to my phone ringing basically non-stop thanks to Hesty and Sean at work. There’s a big career fair out at UBC today, and I guess they are all going and wanted me to go too. I woke up with a nasty sore throat though, so I’m going to leave the recruiting to those guys. I’m going to pass around a bit of link-juice this morning. First, we have Rebecca and Keira, who are packing up and heading to the island for some licking and snowboarding. That means John is currently wifeless, so I think him and I are going to figure out something fun to do this weekend. Judging by the weather, I’m guessing we’ll be watching movies and nerding out on the laptops for some of it. If anyone is around and into nerd sessions, drop me a nerdmail. I’m pretty sure whatever we end up […]