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My Three Week Tour of North America


In just three days, I’ll be heading to the airport again on what will undoubtedly be a great tour of North America. I’m meeting Luciana in Toronto, and her and I will slowly make our way via train to Québec City. From there we are going to head back to Ottawa for a weekend, then off to Banff, Lake Louise and hopefully Jasper. After a brief stop in Vancouver, we’re going to head down to San Francisco for some San Francisco Giants baseball action, and hopefully a few winery tours. Many of the places we are heading to are places I haven’t spent much time in. While I’ve driven through Québec City before, I have never spent any time there and am looking forward to wandering the streets with Luciana (plus I need to get my yearly poutine fix in Québec). I also have never been to Napa Valley before, […]

Gonna be some changes around here


I’m pretty beat, having spent a good portion of the day traveling again. The flight from Montreal to Vancouver, with the strong head winds, was almost six hours long – thankfully it was extremely bearable up in business class, thanks to my hot towel and my tasty meals. Despite all the perks associated with business class (and there are many), I think the main one I enjoyed is that the flight attendants and people you encounter all automatically treat you with respect. If you have a problem, they’ll help you solve it. If you don’t like your seat, they’ll help you move. Worried about your luggage? No problem — you get a fancy “PRIORITY” tag put on it. Try any of that in steerage class, and they’ll just laugh at you usually, at least on Air Canada. I don’t make enough to afford business class on my own, but it […]

The Journey Home


Well, I’m currently sitting in my boxers in a Montreal hotel about to go to sleep. I spent most of the day either thinking about traveling, or actually traveling, so when I landed in Montreal at 7pm, I was a bit tired from the whole ordeal. Leaving a foreign country where the rules of leaving aren’t really clearly defined is a bit stressful for me. The whole tourist card thing turned out to be not a big deal, and eventually I made it through customs and security. It’s amazing how less anxious I become whenever I land back in Canada — there’s a certain comfort with knowing your bank card will always work, and you speak the primary language of the country. The currency in the Dominican Republic is a bit strange. Like most Caribbean places I’ve visited, locals generally prefer to accept payment in US dollars. Unfortunately, the bank […]

Ottawa Bound


In exactly two weeks from today, I will be getting on a plane (business class — fuck you Air Canada), and heading out east for some time in Ottawa and beyond. I’ll be taking the red-eye, (which I swore last time I’d never take again, since I rarely sleep on planes, and that’s basically the whole point of the red-eye) and will get into Ottawa sometime early in the morning on the 24th of August. From there, I imagine I’ll head to my hotel, which is only a few steps from the Supreme Court of Canada and Parliament Hill, and probably grab an hour or two of sleep. And then, I’m gonna wake up, have a shower, and start drinking. Photo by Steve Gerecke Ottawa is, without a doubt, the city I have had enjoyed myself the most in. I spent the time between when I was 23 and 25 […]

Vacation in less than a month


In less than four weeks, I’ll be getting on a plane and heading to Ottawa for my friend Rob’s wedding. The last time off I took was basically back in February, and I spent that walking around rainy Seattle for only a few days. This trip, however, promises to be a lot more interesting, and hopefully more relaxing. The only real things that I have on my plate are my friend’s wedding, a trip down to Toronto to see a few people, and then a visit to Quebec City (since I never spent any time there when I lived out east). I’m pretty sure I’m going to bring a suitcase with some dress clothes in it, and then a big backpacking bag with all my (small) camping gear. I’ll probably rent a car, and spend most of that week staying in the wilderness. I’m hoping to bring along a few […]