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Happy Mother's Day, Mom's!


Here’s a quick post dedicated to all the awesome moms. I’m heading out in a bit to visit my mom and my step-mom. My mom, Val: My step-mom, Cathy: My grandma, Nellie: Miss604’s sister, Jenny: Maura (photo by Jordan Behan): My friend Michele: My friend Jessica: My sister, Amanda: I’m sure there are a lot more out there, but those are the ones I found photos for easily. Happy mother’s day everyone!

Happy Mother's Day


Well, most people go through this world with only one mom, but i’ve been fortunate enough to have two in my life. My mom, at Cultus Lake last summer My step-mom, Cathy, also at Cultus Lake last summer Once I get cleaned up here I’ll be placing a few phone calls. But until then, Happy Mother’s Day, moms.