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Forced To Watch Trailers On New Movies


Back in the summer Future Shop had a sale on the extended BlueRay versions of the Lord Of the Rings. Given that they were basically 50% off and that I know I eventually wanted to buy a BlueRay player, I decided to buy a set. Now that I’m back in Canada, I went out and finally bought a BlueRay player. I sat down over the Christmas break to watch a few of them, and I can say without a doubt that the quality of the films in excellent. But what seems absolutely incredible to me is how each disc has 5 or 6 crappy trailers that you are forced to watch whenever you put one of the discs in. The disc menu button doesn’t seem to work while these are playing, so the only way to bypass them seems to be to keep pressing the chapter-forward button until you eventually […]

Taking The iPad On A Plane


My recent trip to Mexico gave me my first real opportunity to use my iPad on a travel adventure. I haven’t really had a lot of time to try watching movies or TV shows on it, and thought it would be fun to try watching a movie on the plane instead of paying for an inflight movie on WestJet. I loaded my iPad up with Mission Impossible III, Dances with Wolves (I had a copy floating around) and a few new episodes of House. I also made sure I charged the device up to 100% before leaving for the airport. The first great thing about having the iPad loaded with movies is that you can watch them whenever you want. On WestJet, you basically have to purchase your in-flight entertainment within the first 30 minutes of the flight. If you fail to do that, you’ll be forced to watch satellite […]

Favourite Movies


I have a portable hard drive that I’m taking with me on my travels, partially to back up my main laptop from time to time, and partially because it contains a large percentage of my personal movie collection on it. That said, I’m going to try and get a pile of movies on there that I haven’t seen yet so I have something when I’m on train rides or in hostels and what-not. So, I’d appreciate it if people can leave a list in the comments of some of their favourite movies, or anything they’ve seen in the last few years they thought was really awesome. Thanks!

Sleeping Like A Log


I had a rough sleep the other night, so I was a bit tired yesterday. I passed out on the couch for a bit in the late afternoon and early evening, and woke up just long enough to grab some McDonald’s for supper. Afterwards I started watching a bit of Lost, but could hardly keep my eyes open. I strolled into bed at around 9pm last night, thinking I would read for a while. Apparently I passed out, because next thing I knew it was about 4am in the morning. By the time the night was over, I had slept 11 hours, which is a pretty long sleep for me. I’m just taking it easy this weekend. I have a WordCamp Vancouver organization meeting on the weekend, but other than that am just going to relax and maybe watch a few movies.

Sherlock Holmes Movie


I just got back from watching Sherlock Holmes with my dad here in Chilliwack. Strangely enough, I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in the theatre, let alone a movie in the Chilliwack theatre. In true retro style, the Chilliwack theatre has yet to discover the true beauty that is cup-holders, but no matter. I really had no expectations with regards to the movie, but found that I really enjoyed it. I find it a little implausible that Sherlock appears to be a bit of a martial artist, but I guess you can’t be a hero nowadays without knowing a bit of kung-fu or karate. Truthfully, there were some really awesome parts of the movie, mainly to do with Sherlock’s deductive reasoning and some of the camera angles. I didn’t realize Rachel McAdams was in the movie, so that was a pleasant surprise. They also set the […]

What Are Your Favourite Christmas Movies?


Everyone has a bunch of movies they like to watch over Christmas. Without a doubt, my favourite Christmas movie is actually Die Hard. I love watching Bruce Willis blow stuff up over the holidays. If there’s a special someone on the couch next to me, Love Actually rates fairly highly as well. How about you guys? What are your favourite movies to watch over the holidays?

Weekend Movies


I rented a pile of movies on the weekend, mostly older flicks I had already seen before. That being said, I went over to my brother-in-law’s house on Friday and watched District 9 and Bruno. District 9 was completely unexpected, and I’m not even sure what I thought of it to be honest. Overall I enjoyed it, and it was the first movie to surprise me in a long time, probably since From Dusk til Dawn. Without a doubt, you can see Peter Jackson’s hand in the movie, especially with the parallels to his own mockumentary, Forgotten Silver (that caused a lot of controversy when it came out), and some of his earlier splatter films. I’d probably have to watch District 9 again to get a hardened opinion on the movie, but in first pass it was pretty cool. Bruno on the other hand, while it had a few funny […]

The Lovely Bones


Peter Jackson’s next film is “The Lovely Bones”, based on the novel with the same name. I haven’t read the book, but I understand the basic premise — a young girl is murdered, and she watches the aftermath of her life from the great beyond. Other than that, I don’t really know that much. But given how much I liked Lord of the Rings, I’m anxious to see how Peter Jackson does with a new film. Truthfully, I thought his King Kong remake was a little weak. Here’s the trailer:

Quantum Of Solace


I’m heading out to see this with a few friends tonight. The reviews so far are pretty mixed, with half the people totally loving it, and others kind of going “meh”… So we’ll see. I think it looks pretty awesome myself. [easyvideo video=”http://youtube.com/v/Q4jY8WxcFMo&hl=en&fs=1”]

Another Rainy Weekend


This is the first weekend in ages where I really don’t have a pile of plans. Given that it’s absolutely horrible outside, I think I’m going to get some groceries, make some coffee, and watch movies on the couch most of the weekend. If I do watch a movie, I’ll probably pop in the extended edition of the Fellowship Of The Ring, since I haven’t watched it in ages. What better way to spend your weekend than going on a 12 hour journey into the heart of Middle Earth? Right now I’m working from home, waiting patiently for the guys at Pender Auto Body to come grab me so I can pick up my car. They pulled out a dent on the door (from a hit and run), and repainted both doors on the driver’s side. They also touched up a slight chip on the back quarter-panel, so hopefully it’ll […]