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A Note From Chuck Strahl, MP From Chilliwack/Fraser-Canyon


Someone back home just forwarded me this email that was recently sent out by Chilliwack’s member of Parliament, Chuck Strahl. In it, he talks about his views with regards to what is happening in Ottawa right now. I’m posting this for informational purposes, not because I agree with everything he’s saying in it. Last week I sent around an update on Canada’s economic situation, with the observation that it wasn’t a very enjoyable subject to write about. Unfortunately, this week it appears that our economic woes are morphing into a political crisis of sorts, at a time when we can least afford it. What’s happening in Ottawa is bordering on the absurd, but its impact would be felt most harshly by Canadians, not political parties. It is potentially a shame of historic proportions. The Throne Speech I wrote about last week has now been passed. The Opposition Parties apparently had […]