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The Great Nacho Experiment: Take 1


As most people know, I’m quite fond of nachos. I haven’t had them in quite a while now (which is a relative scale, equal to a few weeks or so), but it’s the one treat I really enjoy. You’ll rarely see me eating a cookie or a chocolate bar (in fact, I don’t really have a sweet tooth at all), but nachos are my weakness. I have to say, I make a pretty mean batch of nachos. But like most things, my nacho making ability has slowly evolved over time, and is still evolving. Given that my birthday is coming up shortly, I’ve decided to attempt to outdo myself in the nacho department that night. To that end, I’ve started experimenting with different meats and cheeses. I few weeks ago I tried making grass fed beef into nachos, which turned out fairly decent. In my fridge right now is a […]

International Day Of The Nacho


For those people that know me, I’m pretty serious about nachos. I’m the only person I know with a complete lack of a sweet tooth. Chocolate, pies, cakes, candy, gummy bears, sugar — you could starve me for a week and put that stuff in front of me and I wouldn’t crave it at all. But put a plate of gooey, cheesy nachos in front of me and that’s a different story. I’ve slowly honed my nacho-making ability over the years to the point where I’m pretty much a nacho snob now. When I was down in Portland I went out of my way to find some nachos, only to be served a batch where the cheese was microwaved. Horrible. In fact, I’m always amazed when a pub or a restaurant fucks up nachos. I mean, how hard is it to put cheese on some tortilla chips and make it […]

June. It Begins.


A while ago I mentioned just how much fun June is going to be, and tomorrow it basically starts for me. Tomorrow after work I’m heading to a campground with a few friends for a weekend sitting around a fire and eating steak. I love camping, and really enjoy the fresh air and relatively peaceful sleeps I have when in a tent. I booked Friday off a few weeks ago, thinking that it would in fact be nice and sunny in June. Unfortunately mother nature doesn’t really look like she’s going to cooperate, and rain is definitely in the forecast. But no matter — we’re troopers and have several hundred square feet of tarp at our disposal. A week from this Sunday I’ll be getting on a plane and heading down to San Francisco for a few days in Mountainview. I haven’t been down that way since roughly this time […]

Thirty One


I’m sitting in a hotel room, in Calgary, lying in bed in my boxers, eating some nachos that were delivered via room service. That, people, is how I rang in my 31st birthday tonight. There were lots of parties going on in Calgary, but truth is I just wanted to relax, watch some TV, and reflect on another year. I actually had the perfect photo to put up here for this entry. It was a shot of me with a bunch of other photographers at the Junos, all hanging out with Russell Peters after the awards. I thought it would be a fun shot, and would sort of sum up this weekend for me in a photo. But when I approached the photographer who took it and asked for a copy, he turned me down. I’d be lying if I said that event didn’t bum me out a bit, because […]

Where Are The Best Nachos In Vancouver?


My birthday is fast approaching, and the only real event I’m looking forward to is having a plate of nachos somewhere in the city with a friend or two. So, my question to all of you is: where are the best nachos in this city? My favourites so far are probably the ones down at Smiley O’Neils on Pender, but I’m open to suggestions. Drop a comment if you’ve had nachos somewhere in the city and let everyone know how they were (if they sucked, say so). I had nachos last night down at the Atlantic Trap and Gill, and the beef on them was actually a cut-up hamburger patty — not cool people. Not cool.

Friends, Beers, Santa and R2-D2


I had a few people over sort of on a whim last night, and we all sat around listening to music and enjoying Christmas nachos. I’m not sure if this is officially year two or year three for the nachos, but I’ve been trying to up the ante each year to see if I can outdo myself. They Almost Don’t Fit I had a few Christmas decorations sitting around in boxes, so we all took turns throwing a few up on the tree. Keira helped herself to R2-D2, and I think I got stuck with Yoda. Good times. Only five more days of work and then I’m off for a while. I’m getting excited about heading back home for a few days and spending time relaxing with the family. My friend Jan will be visiting from Chicago during the break, so I’ll finally get to see him again (we haven’t […]