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New Kickers


First, I just want to say how bad Aldo shoes suck. I’ve blogged about that fact before I’m sure, but now as I am about to throw away a $110 pair of Aldo shoes that didn’t last six months, I am suddenly reminded of it. After the first two months, one of the soles came off. I told the guys at the store, and they just assumed I was way too hard on my shoes. So, I coughed up some cash and had the shoes fixed by a shoe-fixer guy. Two months later, same deal, except on the other side. So, I coughed up some more cash and had another shoe repair person fix the second one. Jump forward two months, and the shoes are just falling apart. So, they are going in the trash. If I ever suggest buying Aldo shoes again, please hit me very hard. The other […]