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Back In New Zealand

New Zealand

A little over 24 hours ago we boarded Air New Zealand flight 83 in Vancouver for a 14-hour trip back to Auckland, New Zealand. I spent four weeks in Auckland about two years ago and really enjoyed myself. My original plan at the time was to slowly make my way south to the South Island and spend some time in a CamperVan, but eventually decided against it because I couldn’t find anyone to share the adventure with me. Thankfully now I have a girlfriend, and she was excited to spend a few weeks in a CamperVan in New Zealand. So […]

And Away We Go


I’m currently sitting at Gate C43 in Vancouver International airport, on my way to Charlotte, NC for New Year’s eve party with a few friends. My friend Matt is the live entertainment for a party that Dale Earnhardt Junior is throwing, and I thought it would be cool to ring in the new year with everyone down there instead of spending it in Chilliwack. Flights around this time of year are around $800 return, but thanks to that recent terrorist scare, I found a couple steals for a little over $300 return, which is why I booked yesterday. So I’m […]

Toronto — It's Official


Tony officially booked all his flights and everything for New Year’s in Toronto, at which point he tossed the email-gauntlet towards me and said “what’s up now?’ So, I have stepped up to the challenge and have also booked a flight for Toronto. Unfortunately, flying in Canada at that time of year is pretty pricy, so my flights are all at weird times to save money (and coming home it’s a three-city milk-run). The Guy On The Left Should Really Come Too I’ll be spending Christmas at home with the family, and then heading out to Toronto to enjoy the […]

Toronto Bound? Maybe?


So I spent about two hours tonight talking to Tony, and I think we both agreed on one thing — spending New Years in our own cities was pretty fucking lame. So, right now, we’re both thinking about heading to Toronto for New Year’s eve, which might be a fairly large mistake for me, I’m not sure.. To be honest, I’m not sure Toronto wants to handle me for that long. I need to convince Chad and Danielle to come with me. But, I’d love to get out of Vancouver for the holidays and just be me for a while. […]