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Saved By My Nexus Pass


I picked up a Nexus pass about a year ago, mainly because I thought it would help with the amount of travelling I have been doing over the years. In theory, a Nexus pass will let you cross the US/Canada border without waiting in those huge line ups. My first attempt at using my Nexus pass was by road. It’s a bit scary using it, because they have so many restrictions in place for the program. For example, if you do something wrong (like attempt to bring a person across with you who isn’t a Nexus card holder), they can revoke your privileges and take your card away from you indefinitely. Plus, they have a special book of custom paperwork for when you declare anything. When you cross by road, they have a little machine that you have to hold your card up against which will read the RFID chip […]

Nexus Pass


About a week ago I went through the formal interview process for my Nexus Border pass. Other than when my friend Dan has been working at YVR, I can’t really remember many times I’ve crossed the border where I didn’t feel the border guard was excessively rude. Maybe it’s because I always cross the border alone, or maybe there’s something weird flagged on my account, but I always seem to get the nth degree. The interview process was fairly straightforward, until of course they asked if I wanted the card for business or pleasure. I said that while it was primarily for pleasure, I would probably do the odd business trip to meet clients and what not (something I’ve done with every company I’ve ever worked with, especially down in the Bay Area). Of course, that response raised a bunch of flags, and before I knew it I was knee […]