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Out With The Old, In With The New


I spent some time at lunch today giving my car a bunch of TLC. I’ve noticed this last little while that the tires are slipping a lot, so I suspected that they were pretty much toast. I had a tread test done on them yesterday, and they came back at 4/32s, 5/32s, 5/32s, and 10/32s, the last one being the tire I replaced that blew up on the way to Seattle last year. 2/32s is the legal limit, and 4/32s is where you basically stop having traction in the rain and snow. I might have been able to squeeze another 4 months or so out of these in the summer, but I just decided to bite the bullet and put something better on before the snow hits. It’s no secret that OEM tires are terrible. The ones that shipped with my new Mazda 3 Sport, Goodyear Eagle RS-A’s, are rated […]