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Northern Voice 2011 – Are You Going?


This upcoming weekend is the 2011 incarnation of Northern Voice. I went to my first Northern Voice back in 2007 and met so many great and inspirational people. In actuality, that event was the catalyst that started me playing with WordPress and meeting some of the people that I now call my close friends. Since I lived out in Chilliwack during last year’s Northern Voice I didn’t get a chance to catch it all, but I swung by for an hour or so and said hello to some friends. This year I should I live a lot closer and will be there on both Friday and Saturday checking out the various sessions, and of course the social. There’s a WordPress genius bar I’m told, so I’ll probably volunteer for a shift there if I can. And of course, I’ll be at PhotoCamp, where I’ve spoken a few times previously. So […]

Political Sponsorship and Web Conferences


I was over at Derek’s blog this morning reading his article about the BC Liberal Party and their sponsorship of the Northern Voice social. Given that the BC Liberal Party was also a sponsor of WordCamp Whistler, and that I was one of the organizers, I thought I should share my thoughts on this. First, I want to point out the logistics of an event like this. Organizing WordCamp Whistler was literally two months of solid work. A few days prior to the event I was fielding well over 100 emails a day trying to keep the boat afloat, and pull everything together so that the conference would be successful. There was no money pit under WordCamp Whistler — it was bankrolled by my own personal savings account. Had the conference run in the red, I would have been paying for it myself. The cost of WordCamp Whistler (and I’ll […]

Post-Blogging Photowalk Through The City


Today was a good day. I woke up this morning fully refreshed thanks to the 10 or 11 hours of sleep I got last night. I basically had no plans upon waking up, but found a message on my cell phone this morning from Boris saying that people were meeting up on commercial drive for some brunch. Scott Hadfield and Matt Mullenweg I hopped in the car and headed down to Havanas on the Drive, which is a pretty funky restaurant/gallery that I’ve heard good things about. There I met up with about twelve or so people, most of which attended Northern Voice. Matt Mullenweg (now with a +1 from here for his battle against the dancing dude) also swung by for some brunch, and to take his Nikon DSLR for a spin in our city. Boris Mann We spent the remainder of the afternoon walking around the city, taking […]

1600 Reasons To Love Northern Voice


Last night while lying in bed I had the crazy idea to try and make a mosaic out of all the photos from Northern Voice. Tonight, while sitting in front of the TV, I decided to make an attempt at it. So, here is the end result. It’s 40 tiles wide by 40 tiles tall, for a total of 1600 individual images. If you want to see it large, click on the image to download a huge version (approximate 9MB).

A Slight Kink In My Swing


I’ve spent most of this last week thinking about blogging and Northern Voice, so tonight I’m going to unwind a bit in front of the TV and just relax. So, while I plan to write a Northern Voice summary, I’m going to hold off on that for a day or two. One of the aspects of Northern Voice I enjoy is the opportunity to take a lot of different photos in various settings. I practiced doing the odd wide-angle shot in some of the rooms, and used my 70-200mm for a few close ups of speakers. For the most part, I took a lot of the same shots I always take. But for some reason, something’s been really bothering me lately about the results. When a golfer acquires a nasty shot on the golf course, despite typically being a good player, sometimes it’s referred to as developing a shank. For […]

Northern Voice Day 2 – Keynote With Matt Mullenweg


I’m sitting here with John and Rebecca waiting for the Northern Voice keynote to begin. This year it’s WordPress’ own Matt Mullenweg, who will be talking about blogging and WordPress 2.5. Boris Mann and Matt Mullenweg Keynote is over. It was really entertaining and enlightening, and I thought some of the points about advertising overload with sites like Facebook were interesting.

Northern Voice At UBC


Northern Voice is officially rolling out at UBC. Since today is an unconference, people are putting their ideas up on the wall for sessions that will happen during the day. I’m still waiting to here when the Internet Bootcamp and Photocamp sessions are. Megan Cole I have to finish my plan for the little talk I’m giving, so I’m chilling out on the side right now. Will drop a few more blog entries as the day goes on. Check my Flickr stream for photos as they happen.

Northern Voice Social, 2008


Tonight was the big Northern Voice social event down at the Waldorf Hotel in East Van. I was really looking forward to attending, and it didn’t disappoint in the least. I hardly ate at all beforehand, so the thought of roast pig keep me going most of the afternoon. First of all, I have to say I was the luckiest guy in the house, having been fortunate enough to make an entrance with these two fine looking women: Rebecca and Keira-Anne Unfortunate Rebecca’s husband (and all around great dude) John couldn’t make it – he was missed, but will be leading a podcasting session tomorrow so make sure you check it out. The meal was absolutely fantastic, consisting of Roasted Pork, Chicken and Salmon, plus salads and lots of other side dishes. Thankfully, I managed to stay away from carbs for the duration of the evening, which was something I […]

Northern Voice 2008 Finally Here


It’s here, Northern Voice 2008. Tonight is the big social down at the Tiki Lounge in East Vancouver. I’ll be heading down with Rebecca, John, and Keira for some drinks and a full roast-pig. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to say at PhotoCamp, but I’ll spend some time thinking about it during the day and see what I can come up with. Photo by Gary on Flickr Every camera in my house is currently dead, so I’m frantically bouncing between doing laundry and charging equipment. I went to the mall to pick out some new clothes tonight, but turns out I’m just way too picky. I’ve decided that next time I need to bring a girl or two with me to help me spend some money. I’m hoping to see a lot of people out at PhotoCamp, or walking around the conference. If you see me, make […]

PhotoCamp 2008 At Northern Voice


Yes, it’s that time again — Northern Voice, Canada’s awesome personal blogging conference, is kicking off this weekend down at the University Of British Columbia. I’ll be attending the whole event, starting Thursday night at the social, and finishing sometime on Saturday. Friday is of course “MooseCamp”, an unconference where people come together and share ideas. I’ll be spearheading a discussion on WordPress plugins during one session, and will be giving a talk during PhotoCamp. PhotoCamp is organized and chaired by resident photo expert Kris Krug, and he has been organizing these sessions all over the place for a few years now. The topic of my 15 minutes of fame will be “Selling Your Photographs Online” and will basically talk about my experiences using SmugMug this past year. I’ll be joined by Rachel Ashe (who is talking about promoting yourself as an artist/photographer), Fiona Garden (talking about photo editing and […]